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Benefits of Post Emergent Corn Herbicide Program.


BASF recommends post-emergent herbicide following cold, wet spring conditions

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MISSISSAUGA, ON, June 19, 2014 – Cold and wet conditions this year have delayed planting for many of Eastern Canada’s corn growers. The delay means that many corn acres didn’t receive a pre-emergent herbicide application, which has left many yield-robbing weeds still in the fields.

BASF Canada is advising growers who missed a pre-emergent herbicide to apply a post-emergent herbicide such as ARMEZON®.

“Keeping your field clean in the early stages of development is critically important to protecting yield, since corn is very sensitive to weed pressure,” said Rob Miller, Technical Development Manager, Eastern Canada at BASF. “ARMEZON can be applied between the one-leaf and seven-leaf stage. This gives growers a flexible application window which can be critical during a short spring season like this year.”

When tank-mixed with glyphosate and atrazine on glyphosate-tolerant corn, ARMEZON provides increased control of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

“Applying ARMEZON is an excellent way to introduce an additional mode of action to your glyphosate and help delay herbicide resistance,” added Miller. “A Group 27 herbicide, ARMEZON also provides excellent crop safety and can even be sprayed in hot temperatures above 25 degrees when other herbicides cannot be applied.”

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