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Bobcat Launches New Line Of Mid-Sized Loaders

Bobcat is introducing seven new medium-size skid-steer and compact loaders. The new 500 frame-size loaders are the most popular size class in the Bobcat Company loader family. The new models feature many upgrades including increased visibility, a more comfortable cab and easier serviceability. All of the new models will be available at dealerships in January.

The new models include the S510, S530, S550, S570 and S590 skid-steer loaders, and the T550 and T590 compact track loaders. The S510, S550 and T550 feature a radius lift path that allows operators to dump over a wall, backfill or load flatbed trucks.

The S530, S570, S590 and T590 models feature a vertical lift path that offers the ability to lift heavier loads higher and clear high-sided truck boxes and hoppers. It also allows the loaders to handle pallets loaded with heavy material. The M-Series vertical lift path machines feature an increased lift height over the equivalent K-Series models.

The 500 frame-size loaders replace the current K-Series models, which are S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, T180 and T190.

Cab-forward design

A key feature of the 500 frame-size loaders is a cab-forward design that gives the machines a different look. The design also moves the operator closer to the attachment for better visibility in all directions.

The new loaders tout the largest cab door opening on the market. The door threshold has been lowered and the overall surface of the door has increased more than 40% to provide improved visibility and make it easier for operators to enter and exit the cab. The height of the cab has been increased for more headroom, while still keeping the overall machine size small enough to operate in tight spaces. Windows on the sides, rear and top of the cab have also been increased in size for better visibility.

Other changes in the new loaders include mounting the auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers directly to the front plate of the lift arm, and hoses are routed through the loader arms. A guard bar extends in front of the coupler for added security and a steel tailgate prevents items from penetrating the engine compartment.

Bobcat designed the cooling system on the 500 loaders for increased efficiency and higher performance. The new design also makes it easier to clean out the cooling system, with an oil cooler that swings up, allowing the operator to clean the area between the oil cooler and the radiator.

Pressurized cab

Bobcat increased the size of the 500 loader cab by 10%, redesigned the interior to allow operators to adjust the environment to their individual preferences and improved cab pressurization. The pressurized cab features a new one-piece seal that goes all the way around the door and fits into a special curved pocket. This minimizes the amount of dirt and dust that might enter the cab, creating more enjoyable working conditions and making it easier to clean the cab.

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