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Checking Seeding Equipment Now Reduces Stress Later, Says Little Morden GM
With temperatures warming up, farmers are beginning to think about getting back into the field.
Before they do, there are some things they need to think about before heading out.
Abe Penner is the General Manager at Little Morden Service, located along Highway 3 between Morden and Winkler.
He has some advice for producers.
"To get yourself familiar, make sure that all of your electronics work, you're familiar with the functionality of the calibrations," commented Penner. "Even as far as auto-steer and guidance, make sure that you understand. For a lot of farmers, there's been six months to a year since the product has been used last, so it's not fresh in your memory. It's always good to get familiar."
Penner says there are mechanical checks that need to be made, such as making sure bearings are greased and there are no oil leaks. He adds that some fertilizers and products used to treat seed can cause equipment to corrode, so it's a good idea for farmers to check before they head out into the field.
Source : Portageonline