Cut Waste, Grow Profit Forum (Nov 20, 2012)

On Monday, November 19, 2012 approximately 85 participants, which included representatives from food service/retail, academia, farmers, government and academia attended the Cut Waste, GROW PROFIT Forum, which was hosted by the George Morris Centre at the Maple Leaf ThinkFood Centre in Mississauga.  The theme of the day was on how to reduce food waste, leading to increased profitability and environmental sustainability. 

Focus was placed on the four main areas:

  1. Canadian opportunities within an international perspective
  2. Opportunities in processing and distribution
  3. Reducing food waste along the value chain
  4. Creating institutional change

Participants had the opportunity to hear from speakers such as Dr. Keivan Zokaei, University of Buckingham (UK); Andrew Telfer, Manager of Sustainability, Walmart Canada; David Smith, Vice President of Sustainability, Sobeys Inc; Jamie Reaume, Chair, Ontario Food Terminal/ Executive Director, Holland Marsh Growers’ Association, and more. 

Source: OntarioPork

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