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Daimer Releases Pressure Washer For Farm Equipment Cleaning

Cleaning farm equipment takes especially robust pressure washers to remove mud and other build-up in the most effective manner. Daimer has launched a diesel powered and heated steam machine offering a high pressure and flow rate to make cleaning a fast process.

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the world's leading American brand of a wide variety of industrial cleaning equipment shipped to most countries globally, and offering over 700 models of such products as rugged gas pressure washer systems, completely electric pressure washer machines, robust high pressure washer equipment, stationary and portable auto detailing equipment, and other unique and internationally configured products, is debuting a diesel pressure washer that offers immense cleaning power. The Super Max™ 12885 DE offers exceptionally high pressure levels of 3500 psi and flow rates of 5 gpm. Since the machine is powered with diesel, it is ideal for outdoor commercial applications, like farm equipment cleaning, where electricity is not easily available. The machine is a perfect option for those who desire diesel over gasoline.

"Cleaning farmstead machinery, including planting and fertilizing machines, haying and mowing equipment, poultry equipment, tillage equipment, fertilizer and chemical application equipment, and farm dairy equipment is extremely difficult, if the machines used are not efficient and powerful enough for the task," states Matthew Baratta, Daimer Industries, Inc.® spokesperson. "Daimer® is delighted to launch the Super Max™ 12885 DE, a commercial pressure washer that is powerful enough to virtually handle any commercial cleaning application. The machine with its high temperature, pressure level, and flow rate offers superior cleaning results."

Cleaning various kinds of deposits from farm equipment requires the use of among the best pressure washer machines that can create high temperatures, which are better to dissolve more concentrated, heavy, and more difficult build-ups. The latest Super Max™ 12885 DE from Daimer® comes with tri-mode functionality. The diesel heated pressure washer can generate hot water temperatures up to 210°F and Super-Hot™ steam temperatures up to 330°F. The temperature mode can be chosen as per the intensity of the cleaning application.

The pressure enhanced industrial pressure washer machine reaches high temperatures within just 30 seconds, as it comes equipped with heavy duty schedule 80 heating coils. High temperatures not only just clean, but also provide highly effective sanitization as well, which is extremely important while cleaning farm equipment. Dirty machinery may carry harmful bacteria that can lead to the outbreak of many diseases. The company's Adjustable Temperature Control™ (ATC™) technology, available with the hot water pressure washer, allows operators to set the temperature easily.

The 12885 DE pressure washer features a simple design and easy maintenance. The company's Modular System Design™ (MDS™) and Self-Maintenance Engineering™ (SME™) technologies, available in its systems, make the replacement of any of the machines' parts quite easy for an end user. Parts are available for quick replacement in the rare case it is needed anywhere around the world.

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