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Fan Banks for Cooling Trucks of Hogs

The importance of air temperature and relative humidity on health and growth of pigs is well known to pork producers; hence, these two factors are well monitored and controlled in hog barns. However, during transport of hogs from producers to the finishing plants, both air temperature and relative humidity are strictly dependent on the ambient temperature. When transport trucks are in a moving mode, air flow, created in the trailer, causes air circulation and consequently temperature and relative humidity are similar to the ambient. When a truck arrives at the finishing plant and is waiting to be unloaded, the air circulation is interrupted and both temperature and relative humidity can rise, which can then lead to increased stress on the animals. Hence, maintaining the air temperature and relative humidity in the truck at the same level as the ambient would reduce potential harm to the animals.

Fan Banks were built at two packing plants during the summer of 2012, where trucks loaded with animals could park prior to unloading.

Data Collection and Analysis
A series of experiments was conducted to determine the efficacy of cooling fans on air temperature and relative humidity in transport trucks during the period prior to unloading of animals at a packing plant. Three data loggers were installed in 7 of the 10 truck compartments.  A substantial amount of data was collected and analysed.

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Source: OntarioPork