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Field Peas, Dry Beans New Herbicide Registered.

Field peas and dry beans have a new weed resistance partner in VIPER® ADV

From BASF Canada

Western Canadian growers have a new herbicide option in field peas and dry beans. BASF Canada Inc. (BASF) announced today that it has received registration from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for new VIPER® ADV herbicide on field peas and dry beans for the 2013 season.

VIPER ADV is a liquid formulation that uses two modes of action to provide a resistance management solution for a broad spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weeds. In addition to being an effective resistance management tool, VIPER ADV offers rotational freedom and follow crop flexibility.

"With new VIPER ADV, growers get excellent weed management and the follow-crop flexibility they desire," says Joel Johnson, Brand Manager for Western Herbicides at BASF Canada. "VIPER ADV is the next generation of herbicide. It offers superior control of tough and resistant weeds and its new liquid formulation gives growers an easy-to-use system."

VIPER ADV initiates weed control activity on contact and also provides systemic action after it is absorbed through the roots and leaves to move through the plant for maximum control.

The multiple modes of action in VIPER ADV provide strong activity against Group 1-resistant wild oats, Group 2-resistant wild mustard and Group 2-resistant broadleaf weeds, including kochia and cleavers — two aggressive weeds that are becoming increasingly problematic in field peas and dry beans in Western Canada.

"The introduction of VIPER ADV makes our premium offering in field peas and dry beans even better and will help set up growers for long-term success," says Johnson.

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