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FP Genetics and Paterson Grain Partner on Brasetto Fall Rye

FP Genetics is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Paterson Grain, a division of Paterson Global Foods, in a demonstration program for Brasetto hybrid fall rye that was registered last week.   

FP Genetics’ breeding partner, German-based KWS, is the leading rye breeder in the world. They have provided FP Genetics with the first viable cereal hybrid registered in Canada.

“This exceptional hybrid demonstrates 20-25% higher yield than the check variety, and has winter hardiness that is better than other fall cereals such as winter wheat,” said Rod Merryweather, CEO of FP Genetics. “On top of the increased yields, we’re finding excellent quality and uniformity, so we believe there will be lots of interest from growers and buyers alike.”  

“Paterson Grains is an ideal partner because they have the ability to promote this new hybrid rye not only to growers, but also to end use companies in the milling and distilling markets in North America,” Merryweather added.

Ken Mudry, Manager Customer Marketing of Paterson Grain, indicated “This is a perfect opportunity to showcase and demonstrate new innovation that can deliver higher yield and profitability for growers. The fall rye acreage has been decreasing but this innovative new hybrid will change that.”

This new demonstration partnership will see several hybrid rye fields planted in the fall of 2014. Production from those fields will be delivered through Paterson Grain to end use grain customers, who will mill the products to determine suitability for their product portfolio.

Source: Western Canadian farmers