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India Pulse Situation Affecting Markets
It's been quite the whirlwind so far this year in the ag markets.
Jonathan Driedger is a senior market analyst with FarmLink Marketing Solutions.
He says the canola market has seen really strong demand, the wheat market is more challenging with multiple years of record wheat crops globally, while the biggest marketing challenge is durum given last year’s huge ending stocks.
He says when it comes to pulses the biggest challenge is India’s decision to reject an exemption on pest treatment in Canadian pulse shipments.
"Lentils...are sensitive to this Indian pulse policy and so similar to the peas, there's an element of buyers maybe being a little cautious, sitting on their hands a little bit," commented Driedger. "We sell to a lot of other countries as well, so it's not just India. So you do see prices here and there pop up a little bit as business gets done and buyers look to get some coverage."
Source : Portageonline