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John Deere 410E ADT Earns High Praise From Operators

According to a Construction Equipment post, the Local 150’s (International Union of Operating Engineers) training facility in Wilmington, Ill. recently acquired a new John Deere 410E articulated dump truck (ADT); the ADT earned glowing reviews thanks to several new features and its overall splendid design.

The new vehicle was tested by two instructors at the training facility, who noted the overall serviceability of the new E-series ADT. All routine service points can be accessed from the ground level, most located behind the swing-out front grille, each illuminated by lights to make checkups simple. “It’s obvious that Deere did its homework on the serviceability of the truck,” said Jeff Stapleton, one of the instructors at Local 150’s training facility. “Having the hydraulic test ports easily accessible and positioning the fuel filters so you can pull them straight down, for instance, make things easier. And I like not having to do any climbing for routine checks—especially in the winter. I’d say this design pretty much eliminates the possibility of slips and falls.”

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