John Deere Introduces the Gator™ HPX615E and Gator™ HPX815E for Heavy Duty Applications (Aug 30, 2017)
Built for varied work applications, John Deere introduces two new and affordable utility vehicles to its lineup. The gas-powered Gator HPX615E and the diesel-powered Gator HPX815E models offer four-wheel drive for improved terrain capability and superior payload, cargo capacity, towing and overall stability.
“These new models offer even more cargo handling versatility,” said Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager, Gator Utility Vehicles. “Whether you’re on a construction site or working on the farm, our HPX vehicles are fine-tuned with excellent hauling and handling characteristics to help you get any job done.”
Most notably, the cargo box is one of the industry’s best, with removable sides and tailgate, a one-handed, pickup style opening, and is designed to last with durable composite construction that makes it dent, rattle and rust-resistant. These new models handle more cargo volume, up to 16.3 cubic feet.  Plus, the cargo box’s transformative features allow it to transition to a flatbed – perfect for carrying large, irregular shaped cargo.
Both new models boast sleek styling and an impressive 1000-lb. cargo capacity, 1300-lb. towing capacity and 1400-lb. payload capacity.  Optimal weight distribution, 6-inches of ground clearance and four-wheel drive ensures the new models handle challenging terrain with ease.  Additionally, it is easy to service on its own or through John Deere’s dealer network.
Source : John Deere

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