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Louisiana Farm Bureau Activates Hay & Pasture Clearinghouse
Louisiana Farm Bureau Activates Hay & Pasture Clearinghouse
Hurricane Harvey flooded pastures and ruined hay supplies in its trek across Louisiana, forcing ranchers to relocate their cattle to higher ground and search for hay to feed them until the water recedes and the grass regrows.
The Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation activated its Hay and Pasture Clearinghouse Friday in response to Harvey’s devastation.
“This is a great way for Farm Bureau, a true agricultural organization with a great network all over the state, to help find hay and pasture, and get our fellow cattlemen through a tough time,” said Caddo Parish cattleman Marty Wooldridge, chairman of Farm Bureau’s livestock advisory committee.
Because of an extremely wet spring and summer, many cattlemen have not been able to cut and bale enough hay to get them through the upcoming winter.
“With all of the rain and wetness, our hay crop is practically non-existent,” said Cameron Parish cattleman James “Bozo” Cox.  “Normally at this time of year, I have seven or eight hundred bales in the barn.  I’ve got 57 right now.”