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Manitoba Pulse And Soybean Growers Hosts 2017 AGM At CropConnect
Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers kicked off CropConnect 2017 Wednesday with their annual general meeting.
Chair Jason Voth said it was a mixed-bag for growers this past year with moisture creating problems in many parts of the province.
The group is supportive of a soybean crushing facility coming to Manitoba, however Voth said it won't be at growers' expense. It must be a private company that makes the investment. He added the recent announcement of a pea processing plant being built in Portage is positive for the industry and the economy as a whole.
Voth talked about the need to study and improve rotations, especially in the Red River Valley.
“We don't want to have a situation where you grow too many soybeans, and then you get disease or insects or some sort of pressure and you can't grow soybeans again...We need to work with all the other groups to find out what crops in our rotation are the best crops for the whole farm."
Source : Portageonline