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Mark Goodwin receives BASF Pulse Promoter of the Year Award

Each year one individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to the development of the pulse industry is recognized with the BASF Pulse Promoter of the Year Award. This year’s award winner, Mark Goodwin, has been active in several initiatives, helping to ensure pulse growers have access to the latest crop protection products. Goodwin was presented the award by Harley House from BASF Canada at Pulse Days 2013 today.

Goodwin has been heavily involved in the harmonization of a NAFTA crop protection product review process between Canada and the United States, which aims to ensure new crop protection products receive registration in both the United States and Canada, resulting in quicker registrations and lower registration costs.

“Mr. Goodwin is a leader in the pulse industry,” says Harley House, Brand Manager for Clearfield® Crops, BASF Canada. “He continues in his role as a leader in establishing maximum residue limits (MRL) globally and re-establishing market access to the European Union for lentil growers.”

Over the years Goodwin has worked closely with crop protection companies, regulators, and international pulse growers and trade associations. He has also been involved in re-establishing MRLs in the European Union for glyphosate in lentils.

“We are very pleased to award Mark with the Pulse Promoter of the Year Award, in partnership with BASF,” says Carl Potts, Executive Director of Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG). “His experience and contributions to the pulse industry have helped to ensure growers remain competitive and have earned him a high level of respect within the industry.”

The annual Pulse Promoter Award is sponsored by BASF Canada, and is presented at Pulse Days in Saskatoon each January. Mark Goodwin was selected Pulse Promoter of the Year by SPG’s Board of Directors. For more information about the BASF Pulse Promoter Award, visit:

Source: BASF