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Modern Agriculture Technologies Important To Future Of Industry

According to a recent BASF study, the majority of consumers and growers believe modern agriculture and technological advancements within the agriculture industry can achieve two goals: feeding the world’s growing population and preserving land for future generations.

The results of the BASF study show 80 percent of growers and 70 percent of consumers are confident farmers will be able to find a well-balanced mix of producing what the population needs while preserving land for future generations. “Technology is and will continue to be the number one driver behind our ability to meet the demands of a growing population in a way that stewards resources,” said Paul Rea, Vice President, U.S. Crop Operations, BASF. “This growth in confidence behind agriculture parallels the growth in the number of innovations that the industry continues bringing to the market.”

Initiatives to preserve resources and other stewardship efforts have grown recently, according to the survey; 85 percent of growers believe efforts have improved over the last few years. Modern technologies such as John Deere's Field Connect and the JDLink Machine Monitoring System give farmers the ability to streamline processes and be more resourceful with their land and equipment.

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