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National Biosecurity Training Program Update

The Canadian Swine Health Board (CSHB) launched a National Swine Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard in the fall of 2010. For implementation of the biosecurity standard, a farm-level training program has been developed. Ontario Pork is coordinating the biosecurity program provincially.

To date over 950 pork producers have completed the on farm portion of the National Biosecurity Training Program.  For those that are still interested in the program, the format has changed slightly. A more consolidated program has been developed. The program can now be completed in one day and take place at the producer’s farm location.  It still consists of the same three components:

1. In-class training session
2. Self-assessment of your current biosecurity practices/develop an action plan to improve biosecurity on-farm
3. Arrange a farm visit with your herd health veterinarian.

The producer will still be reimbursed $150 per person attending the training and $1,000 per farm site visited by the veterinarian.  The veterinarian will invoice the producer for the farm visit.

A valid CQA is required in order to qualify for the funding and can be completed on the same visit, if needed.

For more information about the program or if you have questions please contact Mike DeGroot at (519)829-6342 or

Source: Ontario Pork