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Seed: Ask A Good Question; Get A Good Crop
Good questions to ask your soybean seed supplier
You only get one chance to select your soybean varieties, and there's a lot to consider. Below, University of Wisconsin soybean specialist Shawn Conley, Ph.D., offers five questions you should ask your seed dealer to help you get the information you need to select the right varieties for your acres.
1. What yield data is available?
Ask for a diverse set of yield data. In addition to knowing how well the variety performed in your area last year, it’s important to look at performance data across a variety of environmental conditions. Rapid genetic turnover, coupled with weather variability, makes it critical to select varieties that perform well across environments.
2. What is the source and level of disease resistance?
Know you field history and ask about the level of resistance for key diseases. It’s also important to understand the source of resistance for key diseases, such as soybean cyst nematode, as some traits are more effective than others.
3. What seed treatment options are available?
Ask about seed treatments that can help protect varieties that may be susceptible to key pests and diseases.
4. What herbicide-tolerance traits are available?
Discuss your weed pressures and herbicide-resistance issues you face to help determine the right herbicide-tolerance traits to fit in your weed-management plan.