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TL1700 SR Individual Square/Round Bale Wrapper

Tubeline Manufacturing Ltd. is proud to introduce the newest addition to their proven line of BaleWrappers with the TL1700 SR Individual Square/Round bale wrapper. It's easy tow trailer design makes it compatible with tractors with as little as 30 HP.

Designed for wrapping individual square bales measuring 3' x 3' up to 7' long. Its adaptable design also wraps round bales measuring 4' x 4' to 5' x 5'6".

To accomplish this our engineers placed two stub shafts on the inside of platform to set the correct amount of bale advancement for either square or round bales. In addition, the height of the plastic carrier is adjustable so it can be centered for even plastic distribution on the bale.

A standard offset twin wrap kit, bonds two single plies of plastic providing increased durability. This offset design provides a 4" lead increasing plastic overlap to provide better bale coverage.

Additional features include Adjustable Guide Rollers, Integrated Bale Mat, Adjustable Bale Bumper, an Adjustable Integrated Cutting Knife, and a Wrap Counter.

Source: TubeLine