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Trimble Introduces Industry-First Variable Rate Irrigation Pressure Regulating Technology for Center Pivots
Trimble  introduced today its Irrigate-IQ™ optimal flow variable rate irrigation (VRI) solution. This industry-first pressure regulating technology allows farmers to perform VRI on center pivot irrigation systems with standard pumping equipment or limited well capacity. As a result, farmers who were unable to use VRI in the past due to pumping equipment constraints can now apply the right amount of water in the right place to improve yields. This is especially valuable in regions with water restrictions or limited water resources.
Farmers who utilize center pivots to irrigate their crops use VRI to apply different amounts of water on individual areas to ensure they receive the right amount of water based on field properties and crop requirements. Typically, farmers with standard pumping equipment, who do not have a variable frequency drive (VFD) or variable speed drive (VSD) on the pump, cannot perform VRI on center pivot irrigation systems without over pressurizing the pivot and risking damage to their equipment. 
With Trimble's Irrigate-IQ optimal flow VRI, farmers can now ensure the pressure is regulated across the pivot when applying a variable amount of water. This means farmers can fully optimize their water application and prevent over- and under-watering, which can result in higher quality and yield of the crop.
"We are excited to offer the new pressure regulating technology to farmers who were previously unable to vary water application across their fields. With Irrigate-IQ optimal flow VRI, farmers can optimize water use while enjoying peace of mind that their equipment is operating in safe pressure ranges," said Neil Douglas, Irrigate-IQ market manager for Trimble's Agriculture Division. "And now, with our recently-announced distribution agreement with Valley Irrigation, more farmers worldwide will have access to Trimble's VRI solution."
Irrigate-IQ optimal flow VRI is now available worldwide through both Trimble's Vantage reseller network and the Valley Irrigation global dealer network as part of the distribution agreement announced in March of 2017. Trimble's Vantage network will continue to provide professional services and support to the Irrigate-IQ solution and its users. Farmers can upgrade from the current Irrigate-IQ optimal flow solution to optimal flow VRI at no additional cost. To learn more about Irrigate-IQ optimal flow VRI, visit:
Source : Trimble