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Video: New John Deere R4038 Sprayer at FPS.

John Deere highlighted the new R4038 Self Propelled Sprayer at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois.

The 1,000-gallon R4038 Sprayer replaces the 4830 Sprayer. It features a 310 horsepower 9.0L PowerTech™ Plus PSS Final Tier 4 engine with a four-wheel hydrostatic drive that can operate up to 25 MPH in the field and 35 MPH in transport.

The R4038 has a redesigned flat-fold boom in widths up to 120 feet, improved weight distribution, the CommandView™ II cab with the fully integrated GreenStar™3 2630 display, and the latest in tire technologies. Cruise control, new on these models, allows the system to automatically control the vehicle to the operator's target speed when the operator sets the engine speed and hydro handle at maximum positions. These new sprayers can be converted to dry nutrient applicators by installing the 200 cu. ft. New Leader dry spinner spreader, which increases machine versatility.


The new John Deere R4038 Sprayer comes with the CommandView II cab designed with operator comfort and control in mind. It offers a wider side door opening for easier access, integrated machine controls, and more glass for greater visibility. The chassis sits on the dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension that provides a smooth, stable ride at higher speeds, and auto air spring leveling keeps the chassis level at all times, including on uneven terrain and as the spray tank empties.

The R4038 Sprayer also come Direct Injection Ready. This option provides the flexibility to change products between crops and manage chemical risk by allowing the operator to carry up to 135 gallons of up to two raw chemicals outside of the primary solution tank. Integrated technologies that further enhance productivity that are available include AutoTrac™, BoomTrac Pro™, John Deere Section Control, JDLink™ (enabling Remote Display Access and Service ADVISOR™ Remote), John Deere Mobile Weather and AgLogic™.

The R4038 joins the current 600-gallon John Deere 4630 and the 1200-gallon 4940 model and new R4030 to complete the self-propelled sprayer product line.

For more information on the new John Deere 4 Series Sprayers, visit or see your local John Deere sprayer dealer for details about the two newest sprayers.


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