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Bacon Is the Most Searched Canadian Food on Google In 2012 (Dec 12, 2012)

Bacon Is the Most Searched Canadian Food on Google In 2012

Canadian Food Search Trends 2012 Reveals Bacon Is Number One

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According to Google’s annual findings of web search data in the Canadian food category, bacon was the most searched in 2012.

The top three searches for Canadian food included bacon, poutine and maple syrup. The following is the full top ten list:

3.Maple Syrup
4.Yorkshire Pudding
6.Smoked Meat
7.Kraft Dinner
8.Butter Tarts
9.Sucre a la crème
10.Sugar pie

The search data was compiled by Google Zeitgeist, which has analyzed over one trillion queries about what the people from countries from around the world have searched for in 2012. The most searched items were the most popular terms which were categorized and ranked in order given the largest volume of searches on the web.

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