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Canadian animal rights group unveils provocative ad campaign

Canadian animal rights group unveils provocative ad campaign

Mercy for Animals Canada launches ad campaign on public transit

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An animal rights group – Mercy for Animals Canada started a national ad campaign to be displayed on public transit attempting to compare farm animals to beloved pets like cats and dogs.

The controversial ads began this week in major cities like Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Saskatoon. The ads will be displayed on buses, subways and light rail.

The ads will feature a puppy beside a piglet, a kitten beside a baby chick and a dog beside a cow. The say “Why love one but eat the other?” The activist group’s aim is to promote vegetarianism. The group is also making the claim that 95% of the 700 million animals raised for human consumption in Canada suffer cruelty. It is yet to be determined how the activist group came up with this figure.

A spokesperson with the Manitoba Pork Council says people can make their own choices on what to eat, noting that humans are omnivores that typically have a diet that consists of a healthy balance of grains, vegetables and meat.