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CFFO: Trans-Pacific Partnership will provide New Opportunities for Agriculture

CFFO: Trans-Pacific Partnership will provide New Opportunities for Agriculture

Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario says TPP will help modernize trade rules

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In this week’s Christian Farmers of Ontario (CFFO) commentary General Manager for CFFO Nathan Stevens shares some insights into the much talked about Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement.

Stevens explained that at this year’s Canadian Agriculture Policy conference the big topic that was discussed was the important role that trade plays in agriculture. One of the aspects that was stressed relating to the topic of trade, was the changing dynamics in trade; specifically, the increasing interest in bilateral and regional trade agreements.

The TPP agreement is appealing because it is believed that it would increase competitiveness.  From a regulatory perspective, it’s an opportunity to modernize trade rules. In addition to increasing competitiveness and modernizing trade rules it would also pave the way for future trade agreements. Despite some of the favorable aspects of a TPP agreement, there are also some controversial aspects – including protecting certain aspects of Canadian agriculture including supply management for diary, etc.

Overall, the CFFO views the TPP as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with other countries and provide a platform to modernize trade rules, while at the same time providing new marketing opportunities for Canadian farmers.