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Congress Passes Controversial ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

Congress Passes Controversial ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

Farm Appropriations Bill Includes a Provision that Protects GMO Companies from Litigation

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The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a last-minute amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill (HR933) – a provision that would protect genetically modified seeds (GMOs) from litigation over health risks. It is known as the Senate’s continuing resolution bill, which provides short-term funding to the federal government until the end of the fiscal year. The vote was 318 to 109 in favour of passing the Bill.

Opponents have dubbed it the “Monsanto Protection Act,” since the biotech rider would strip the federal courts authority to stop GMO seed crops from being grown – even if there is consumer health concerns.

The bill has a six-month expiration life and it remains unknown if this provision will be short-lived or if it will be extended.

Opponents to the bill, led by the group Food Democracy Now, have launched a campaign calling on President Barack Obama to veto the Continuing Resolution spending bill, but their request will not likely succeed, since the bill does include a significant amount of government funding.