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Organic Week Celebrated in Canada

Organic Week Celebrated in Canada

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Organic food and agriculture production is being celebrated this week with Canada’s National Organic Week that runs from September 22-29th. The annual celebration seeks to showcase organic agriculture at a national scale and engage in a dialogue about the health benefits of organic food. There are three main points that the advocacy week is celebrating. The following is what the supporters of the organic week want consumers to know:

•    A growing and thriving sector – there are lots of new organic farmers entering into the industry and the trade opportunities for the organic market abroad is growing.
•    A transparent food option – organic food is heavily regulated in Canada so consumers can trust that if they see an organic label in the grocery store or farmers market that they are getting what they are paying for.
•    A source of food that is environmentally sustainable – organic farmers are stewards of the land and work towards ensuring that the food they produce protects and preserves the soil and encourages biodiversity.

There are a number of events happening all across the country. More information can be found at

You can also follow their Twitter feed for the latest updates at @organicweek