Recent rainfall not expected to have long-term impact on corn yields (Nov 09, 2017)

Precipitation has slowed down harvest in some regions, though



By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter                 


Corn harvest is underway for many Ontario producers. 

“In the vast majority of the province, the harvest is progressing well,” Ben Rosser, corn specialist at OMAFRA, told today.

However, some producers in the far southwestern and eastern parts of the province have experienced a high amount of rainfall recently, which has slowed their harvest, he said.

Overall, though, “we don’t anticipate any long-term impact on yields … at this time.”

Recent reports have revealed that “many producers have … yields above expectations or long-term averages,” Rosser said.

Final figures are not available yet, as the harvest season is still in progress.

Last year, farmers in Ontario harvested two million acres of grain corn, which produced a total of 317 million bushels, according to OMAFRA.

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