US Company involved in Quebec Maple Syrup Heist (Feb 08, 2013)

US Company involved in Quebec Maple Syrup Heist

Canadian officials link $20 million stolen maple syrup case to a US company

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Canadian officials have discovered a link between Maple Grove Farms, a US company based out of Vermont, and the $20 million in maple syrup that was stolen in Quebec back in October last year - 12 tractor-trailer loads of maple syrup went missing at that time. Maple Groves is one of the largest distributors of maple syrup in the United States.

A petition filed before the Board of Agriculture and Food Marketing in Quebec indicates that a Maple Grove representative purchased syrup from the heist ring leader Richard Vallieres at a cost significantly lower than market rates. According to Quebec media, Vallieres is well-known within illegal Maple Syrup distribution circles. 

Maple Groves released a public statement saying “Maple Grove Farms purchased the maple syrup in good faith with no reason to believe that it was coming from Quebec or that it may have been stolen.”

Canadian authorities have made close to 18 arrests in the case. Officials have said that Maple Grove could face fines and trade sanctions. The investigation is still ongoing.

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