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JoAnne Baines & Philip Chabot
Type: Bare Land
Acres: 40.59
Location: Wardsville, ON
Listing Code: 919
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Claude Robin
Type: Cash Crop Fruit Farm
Acres: 160
Location: Markstay-Warren, ON
Listing Code: 910
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Kurt Kellar
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 188.3
Location: Huron East, ON
Listing Code: 911
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Stephen & Eugene Dignum
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 63.9
Location: Caledon, ON
Listing Code: 924
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Farm Ontario
Type: Dairy Farm
Acres: 190
Location: Mossley, ON
Listing Code: 951
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Claude Robin
Type: Poultry Farm
Acres: 100
Location: Listowel, ON
Listing Code: 909
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Claude Robin
Type: Beef Farm
Acres: 43.79
Location: Listowel, ON
Listing Code: 908
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Farm Ontario
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 98
Location: Bluevale, ON
Listing Code: 953
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Something to ‘bark’ about: trees can improve farmland values
While strong environmental stewardship practices are already present across much of Ontario’s farmland, producers may now have an additional incentive to give back to the land. By planting trees on their properties, producers can actually increase their farmland value.
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Canadian investment board purchases New Zealand dairy operation
The Canadian Public Sector Pension Investment Board will purchase a 335.2-hectare (828.3-acre) dairy farm in New Zealand. PSP Investments will also buy a neighbouring dairy support block on 77.2 hectares of land, for a total purchase price of NZD$17.7 million (over CAD$15 million).
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