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Dairy Becomes "Famous"

The chair of Dairy Farmers of Manitoba acknowledged the increased attention and criticism that supply management has been receiving in the media at the organization's annual meeting last week.

"Dairy has become famous in the last year," joked David Wiens. "Of course I'm referring to the media attention we've received, and I have to say some of it has been negative."

He emphasized the need for dairy producers to share their perspective on the marketing system.

"Our critics are out there talking about supply management, and often the information out there is not factual, so there's a misunderstanding," says Wiens. "It gives us an opportunity to tell our story about how supply management really works, and the fact that it's good for consumers, processors, government and producers."

Some of the increased criticism has been related to Canada gaining entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks, as some of the other country's involved have called on Canada to dismantle the marketing system for dairy and poultry products.

Liberal leadership hopeful Martha Hall-Findlay has also been vocal in criticizing the system on the national stage.

Source: Portageonline