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Top 7 Agriculture Stories of 2012

Top 7 Agriculture Stories of 2012

Top Agriculture Stories in Canada and the U.S. in 2012

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Looking back at 2012, agriculture has had its fair share of news stories this year – from the worst U.S. drought in half a century to the largest beef recall in Canada’s history – it’s been a big year.

Throughout the year, has been proud to provide our readers with the latest North American agriculture news, covering the stories that matter to the agriculture industry in both Canada and the United States.

After some reflection, has put together the top seven agriculture-related news stories of 2012.

It’s probably no surprise that the U.S. drought ranks number one on our list. The U.S. drought not only impacted American ranchers but Canadian farmers too. Here are our top three stories related to the U.S. drought.

1. U.S. Drought

"Drought 2012: Biggest Crop Insurance Losses in a Decade"

"Heat Wave Turns into Crisis for Farmers in the Midwestern U.S"

"U.S. Drought Crisis Leaving Beef Cattle Pastures High and Dry"

The U.S. droughts lead to increased price volatility which led to the frenzy of food speculation that caught the interest of both agriculture producers and consumers alike. Here are our top two stories relating to food speculation:

2. Food Price Speculation

University of Guelph Researchers Predict Canadian’s Will Pay More For Food in 2013

Commerzbank Pulls out of Food Price Speculation

XL Foods beef recall was a nightmare new story that ran for months in both Canada and the United States. It hammered home the importance of food safety. Here are the top four stories relating to XL Food’s recall:

3. Xl Foods

XL Foods Plant Taken Over By Subsidiary of Brazilian-Owned Company JBS

XL Foods Beef Plant Approved to Partially Reopen

XL Foods Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

XL Foods Beef Recall Largest in Canadian History

One of the hottest topics among farmers and those wishing to purchase a farm was farmland prices. The soaring prices of farmland, the farmland wars and the value of investing in farmland were all stories that were covered. Here are the top two stories relating to farmland prices:

4. Farmland Prices

Canadian Farmland 2012 Prices Reach Record High Says RE/MAX

Land Prices are Dazzling


Looking to Canada, the end of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly delivered by Canada’s Harper Government put to rest the long heated discussion over the monopoly and transitioning into a new marking era that provides freedom and choice for Western Canadian farmers. 

5. Canadian Wheat Board

Canadian Wheat Board Monopoly Ends, New Marketing Era Begins

Wheat Board Controversy Put to Rest

United States

The U.S. Farm Bill was a heated topic that still hasn’t been resolved. This is a news topic that will continue in the first half of 2013. Here are the top stories relating to the Farm Bill:

6. U.S. Farm Bill

Will A Full Farm Bill Succeed in 2013?

Farm Bill Shadow Loss Program: Who Gains and Who Loses?

7. Farm Parodies

Brining fun back into farming was a major hit this year that was even popular in main stream news – farm parodies on YouTube. Here are our top three news stories accompanied by the video clips:

‘Farmer Style’ Gangnam Style Parody Makers Putting Agriculture Communication Skills to Good Use

Farm Video: I'm Farming and I Grow it

Rice Rice Baby “It’s good for you and the chicks love it too!”