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The farm and rural history website is dedicated to celebrating and digitizing the last 150 years of success in the Canadian agriculture and food industry. The agriculture and food industries in Canada have a rich heritage of innovation, and have laid a foundation of excellence upon which we continue to grow. We celebrate Canada’s food and agriculture innovations on these pages.
Feeding the World

The above is the title of an article by Sir A. Daniel Hall appearing in the May issue of the Atlantic Monthly that we found particularly interesting. The writer of the article was for many years director of the famous Rothamsted Experiment Station, and is the author of several textbooks on agriculture. He is at present chief scientific advisor to the British Ministry of Agriculture and is an

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A Wolf in Sheep

This cartoon appeared in a March 18, 1944 issue of the Canadian Countryman. By using the old idiom of the wolf in sheep clothing, the cartoon is warning against using feed

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Cant Hook

This artifact is a cant hook, a traditional logging tool that was used to assist lumbermen in working with logs in sawmills. It consists of a wooden lever and a hinged

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The New Politics

A political revolution has swept the slate clean in the Province of Ontario, and a new era is dawning. During a revolution it is hard to predict whose head will go, and, in the upheaval still fresh in our minds, the weapon placed in the hands of Ontario’s electors fell with a vengeance. The ballot was not in every case, we think, used discreetly, but, unlike revolutions where the

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lives lived

Joseph-Octave Arsenault

AUGUST 5, 1828 - DECEMBER 14, 1897

Joseph-Octave Arsenault was born on a farm in Cascumpec, Prince Edward Island on August 5, 1828. Of Acadian origin, Joseph and his family were influential figures among this French-speaking minority on the Island. At the age of four, the family moved to La Roche, and Joseph received a first-rate education from the best Acadian school teacher of his day, Mr. Gaudet. Inspired by his teacher and mentor, Joseph began a career teaching school in 1847 when he was nineteen years old. In 1852 he attended the Central Academy in Charlottetown and received his first-class teaching certificate. Proud

John Walter Jones

APRIL 14, 1878 - MARCH 31, 1954

Farmer, Premier and Senator, John Walter Jones was born on April 14, 1878 at his family farm in Pownal, Prince Edward Island. Jones spent his formative years working on the family farm and attending the Prince of Wales College.

Jones first adult job came as a public-school teacher. He pressed on for further self-education. Jones graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Acadia University in 1905, while there he was captain of the rugby and track-and-field teams, being selected to the All-Canadian rugby team but declining the invitation to play with them.

Jones returned to

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