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The farm and rural history website is dedicated to celebrating and digitizing the last 150 years of success in the Canadian agriculture and food industry. The agriculture and food industries in Canada have a rich heritage of innovation, and have laid a foundation of excellence upon which we continue to grow. We celebrate Canada’s food and agriculture innovations on these pages.
Wheat Pool vs Wheat Board

There is an insistent demand at the present time among Western farmers for the restoration of the Wheat Board. Mr. H.W. Wood, for the Canadian Council of Agriculture, while addressing the agricultural committee of the House of Commons recently, said that Western farmers were particularly hard hit by the fall in prices and that something must be one to assist the to get a higher price for their

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Chromated Zinc Chloride Ad

This advertisement appeared in the June 1949 issue of Canada Lumberman. Taken out by the chemical manufacturer, Canadian Industries Limited, it is an advertisement for

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Rat Trap

This is an example of an old-fashioned wooden rat (or mouse) trap from an unknown time period. Obviously, the purpose of this device was to lure in and kill those pesky

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Source of the Boys

Having read with interest the article in the issue of October 1st, entitled, “School and Tariff Questions,” I would like to commend through your columns the note by “ed.,” appended to the above-mentioned article. Our friend, “Nottawasaga Farmer,” holds the idea that the school system of to-day is demoralizing the youth as regards the pursuing of farm life,

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lives lived

Henry Hoshel Dean

1860 - 1946

Henry Hoshel Dean was a leading figure in Canada’s dairy industry. Recognizing the growing importance of dairy products to Canada’s economy, Dean dedicated his career to strengthening the industry, which led him to establish various dairying programs at the Ontario Agricultural College and attend meetings throughout Ontario. The modernization of the dairy industry in Canada can in large part be credited to Dean’s long years of tireless work.

Dean was born in 1860 in Brant County, Ontario, to parents of German origin. His first experience in the dairy industry

William Saunders

1836 - 1914

At the age of twelve William Saunders immigrated to London, Ontario from Crediton, England where he’d been born in 1836. He received no formal education, but he began an apprenticeship with a local druggist. He was a natural at the career and opened his own pharmacy at the age of 19, which he later expanded into a wholesale pharmaceutical store. Saunders became a well known member of the North American pharmaceutical community, even becoming a founding member of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Society and in later years becoming it’s president.

An interest in plants for

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