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needle free injection system
Needle-free injections could improve food safety
Such devices may require less time to administer vaccines than traditional injections.
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large black pigs
B.C. farmer hopes to restore endangered swine breed’s numbers
The breed was popular in Europe before the Second World War due to their ability to put on weight from a diet of mainly pasture.
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Free range livestock production compromises food security, according to a Sask. researcher
“A lot of our modern production practices that we use in North America actually have eliminated a number of the disease risks that you can see in underdeveloped countries."
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Manitoba Pork says passage of Bill 24 will streamline barn construction
The bill removed the requirement for anaerobic digestors to be constructed with new hog barns.
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Unresolved trade issues biggest risk factor for North American pork producers
As NAFTA negotiations continue, a growing number of agricultural interests in the U.S. have been coming to the table.
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expert commentary
The challenge and cost of turnover rates in pig barns
Heidi Carroll discusses voluntary and involuntary employee turnover in the swine industry.
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New research on phase-feeding and lysine use
New research on phase-feeding and lysine use
Phase-feeding strategies and grow-finish diets in pigs have changed, according to Bob Goodband, a KSU swine specialist.
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