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Precision Agriculture Conference Speakers


Barry Raymer, Practical Precision Topic: SoilOptix: Innovative New Technology for Soil Data 
Cameron Waite, Aeryon LabsTopic: UAV's - What Are They? What is Their Potential in Agriculture Today and in The Future
Chris Hunt, Thompsons Advance Agronomy ServicesTopic: Thompson's 2012-2013 Field Success 
Dale Cowan, Senior Agronomist & Sales Manager, AGRIS & Wanstead Co-OpTopic: Operating UAVs in Ontario this Spring 2014, What We Learned Using a UAV
Danny Jefferies, Hensall District Co-Op Topic: UAS Systems
Darryl Lacey, Delta Power Equipment Topic: CASE IH Precision Agriculture Overview 
Derek Freitag, Technology Development Lead, Monsanto DekalbTopic: Overview of Monsanto's Integrated Farming Systems 
Derek Freitag has worked with Monsanto Canada for over 13 years in Technology Development and Sales.  Currently Derek is the Technology Development Lead for Eastern Canada managing a team of Technology Development Reps and DEKALB Agronomists.  A graduate of the University of Guelph with a Bsc. in Agriculture and a standing CCA.
Ernie Earon, Precision HawkTopic: How to Use a UAV to Increase Yields 
Felix Weber, AgBusiness & Crop Topic: UAS Systems 
Ian McDonald, Vice President, Aeryon LabsTopic: New Innovations: UnManned Aerial Vehicles & how They Can Be Used in Agriculture 
Jaap Kroondijk, AGCO Connect Equipment Topic: AGCO Precision Agriculture Strategy & Future
Jim Bright, Podolinsky Farm Equipment Topic: John Deere - Agricultural Management Systems
Jim Bright has been with John Deere dealer for 12 years and graduated from John Deere AgTech apprenticeship program at Fanshawe and for the last 8 years has been the road Service Technician.  He has also obtained a Master Technician status with John Deere.
Joe Riedl, Podlindky Farm Equipment Topic: John Deere Precision Agriculture Update 
Joe Riedl has been with John Deere for 18 years.  He began his career after he graduated from Fanshawe college after completing a 2 year motive power technician course, he then continued on his career path,  completing the John Deere AgTech apprenticeship program, also at Fanshawe.  Jon was a service tech for 7 years, and then a Service Manager for 10 Years.  Jon also obtained Master Service Manager status with John Deere.  For the past year, Jon Reidl has acted as Integrated Solutions Manager for John Deere Dealers.  
Karon Cowan, AgTech GIS Topic: Precision Agriculture: It is all about the DATA
Leander Campbell, Agriculture Canada Topic: What Can We See? Watching Crops From Space
Lia Reich, Precision Hawk Topic: The Pwoer of Crop Scouting from Above with UAVs
Mathew Van Dijk, Farm Creidt Canada Management Software

Topic: Mark Farm Management a Mobile Experience 

Topic: Agriculture Canada's Operational Satelite Space Based Crop Montioring Imgery & Uses 

As the Senior Product Specialist for FCC Management Software Matthew works with input retailers and processors to implement field record keeping systems using the Field Manager suite of products as well as presentation of our full product offering to associations and grower groups. Matthew holds a bachelor of Applied Science in G.I.S systems and has worked in the agriculture and mining sectors throughout his career.
Mike Wilson, Thompson's Advance Agronomy ServicesTopic: Thompson's-2012-2013 Feidl Success 
Morgan Seger, WinField Topic: Overview of Winfield Solution's R7
Morgan Seger has been with WinField Solutions for 5 years. In 2011 she began her role as R7 Sales Specialist, covering Canada and the Eastern US, following serving as a Seed & Agronomy Advisor Associate. Morgan graduated from The Ohio State University in 2009 with a degree in Agriculture. She resides in Western Ohio. 
Nicole Rabe, UAV Working Group Topic: Operating UAVs in Ontario this Spring 2014, What We Learned Using a UAV
Noah Freeman, Manager of Precison Ag Technologies, AgReliant Genetics (PRIDE SEEDS)Topic: PRIDE SEEDS - Corn Breeding/ Research to Support Variable Poplulations & Multi-Hybrid Systems
Paul Raymer, Practical Precision Topic: Variable Rate Nirogen Application: 2013 Field Experience with Trimble's GreenSeeker 
Rachel Faust, DuPont Pioneer Topic: Update on DuPont Pinoeer's Field 360 Services 
Rick Willemse, Precision FarmerTopic: Going Beyond Driving Straight "A Farmers Perspective"
Rob Boyes, Huron Tractor John Deere - Agricultural Management Systems 
Shawn Redick, CASE IHTopic: CASE IH Precision Agriculture Overview 
Steve Denys, Vice President Sales & Markeitng, PRIDE SEEDSTopic: PRIDE SEEDS - Corn Breeding/ Research to Support Variable Poplulations & Multi-Hybrid Systems
Steve Redmond, Hensall District Co-Op Topic: The Vision & Potential of Precision Agriculture 
Steve has been a Certified Crop Advisor since 1996 and holds designation as a Professional Agrologist in Ontario. His current position is Precision Ag and Corn Seed Specialist with Hensall District Co-operative – an innovative farmer-owned business with over $650 Million in sales revenue.

Steve has owned and operated two UAVs for creating aerial imagery of farm fields. He began with a Swinglet CAM and now owns the Canadian made Aeryon Scout.

After graduating from the University of Guelph, he worked for DuPont in sales and R&D, in technical support for Cyanamid Crop Protection (now part of BASF), as a sales rep for Pioneer Hi-Bred, and he also worked with OMAFRA as an Environmental Specialist from June 2009 to February 2012.
Steward Ballie, Unmanned Air Systems CanadaTopic: Operative UAVs in Ontario in 2014 
Tom Snyder, Grand River Planters 
Topic: What is New from Precision Planting, 20:20 Seed Monitors 
Vincent Audet, Product Specialist, AGGO
Topic: AGCO Precision Agriculture Strategy & Future