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Interested in Exhibiting 


Spaces are limited!


Exhibitor Opportunities


All exhibitor opportunities include

1 registration to the conference including lunch and breakfast

Reception, coffee breaks, and other networking opportunities will be available in the Trade Show Room to encourage interaction between exhibitors and attendees.


Exhibitors may choose from two different trade show booth types:


Trade Show Booth  10 x 8'$750.00 (+HST)
Trade Show Table Top  8' x 6'$600.00 (+HST


Limited number of booth space is available.  Exhibitor requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
Trade Show Booth Space


Trade Show Booth


This exhibitor space will allow for a traditional 10ft x 8ft trade show booth. The booth may include a table and traditional trade show booth if requested.  This booth type allows for the most flexibility in terms of trade show booth set up. 


Trade Show Table Top


This exhibitor space will include an 8ft table, and will allow for tabletop promotional material and certain types of pull-up trade show displays.  However, it will NOT allow for a 10ft booth.  There will be no space behind the booth (booths will be back to back).


Please contact Andrew Bawden for more information. 


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