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Canadian product helps farmers change tires

Canadian product helps farmers change tires

TireGrabber connects to forklifts, voted best farmyard invention

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Canadian farmer has invented a product to help farmers and tire shops operate more efficiently and safely.

Darcy Goossen, who produces wheat and canola in Ferintosh, Alta., developed the TireGrabber over a five-year period. And he did so out of necessity.

“Farmers are always looking for better ways to do things on the farm,” he told today.

“We do custom spraying and would change tires a few times a year on two sprayers. These tires are big and heavy, and on days I didn’t have any help I would think about a better way to get the job done.”


The TireGrabber can be mounted to any forklift capable of lifting 1,800 kg. The implement features three arms that move simultaneously to ensure an even and tight grip on the tires. Operators can life, rotate and change whole wheel assemblies on sprayers, tractors and other pieces of equipment.

The TireGrabber operates like a human wrist.

“Think about how your wrist can pivot, bend and swing,” Goossen said. “The TireGrabber works in a similar fashion. And the tire is always centred on the main pivot point, which ensures even movement and pressure distribution when clamping down on the tire.”

The TireGrabber currently comes in two models, capable of handling 88- and 94-inch tires.

Fellow producers appear to agree that the TireGrabber is a beneficial product for the ag industry, voting it best farmyard invention of the year at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina last month.

Despite the early success of his invention, Goossen is already working on more variations to accommodate more farmers.

“Not all farmers are handling 1,800-kilogram tires,” he said.

“Some might only be working with 600-kilogram tires, so we’re looking at developing a lighter duty model for those producers.”

Darcy Goossen photo

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