Canola Commodity Update for the Week Ending Aug 09, 2019

Canola closed the week of Aug 05, 2019 at 454.1. When compared with last week’s price of 444.8, canola’s value jumped by 2.1% in one week.

Canola’s high of the week came on Aug 09, 2019, when the price held at 454.1.

The difference in canola from Jul 09, 2019 and Aug 09, 2019 saw the price of canola rise by 1.2%. At this time last month, prices were at 448.8 and have now jumped to 454.1.

Canola has also seen price drops since last year. Around this time in 2018, the prices were at 505. The change in prices from last year equal a decrease of 10.1%.

2018's high for canola occurred on Jun 21, 2018, when the price reached 517.6.

The total volume for canola this week was 55277. The commodity’s best performing day of the week was Aug 09, 2019, when the price reached 19640.

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