Corn Commodity Update for the Week Ending Aug 04, 2023

The price of Corn for the week of Jul 31, 2023 was 497.25, taking a slight dip from last week’s price of 530.25, a change of 6.2%.

The price of Corn's worst day of the week was Aug 03, 2023 when its price tumbled to 493.5.

When compared to the previous month, Corn futures are on the rise, ending at 497.25. At this time last month, Corn was at 493.5 and has since jumped by 0.8%.

If held in contrast to last year, the price of corn has taken a 13.7% hit and is currently at 497.25. The worst day for corn was Jan 03, 2022, when the price was 504.5.

For the week of Jul 31, 2023, Corn's total volume was 859933. The lowest daily volume happened on Aug 04, 2023 when Corn was 140109.

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