Corn Commodity Update for the Week Ending Nov 10, 2017

The price of Corn for the week of Nov 06, 2017 was 343.5, taking a slight dip from last week’s price of 348.25, a change of 1.4%.

The price of Corn's worst day of the week was Nov 09, 2017 when its price tumbled to 341.5.

Compared to last month Corn is performing poorly as prices have dropped from 349.25 in Oct 10, 2017 to 343.5 in Nov 10, 2017. The drop represents a 1.6% decrease.

If held in contrast to last year, the price of corn has taken a 10.1% hit and is currently at 343.5. The worst day for corn was Aug 31, 2016, when the price was 359.5.

For the week of Nov 06, 2017, Corn's total volume was 1516816. The lowest daily volume happened on Nov 06, 2017 when Corn was 204475.

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