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Elmer’s releases new bale processor

Elmer’s releases new bale processor

Ravage can process two round or three square bales per load

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Manitoba equipment manufacturer has brought a new piece of bale equipment to market.

Elmer’s Manufacturing recently introduced its Ravage bale processor. Farmers can use the implement, which they pull behind a tractor, to spread and bunk two round or three 4x4x8 square bales. Operators can adjust the machine to accommodate all bale sizes and types.

“The bale lays flat and feeds in horizontally, which we found to be much more efficient on the processing side,” Jared Barnabe, IT and marketing manager with Elmer’s Manufacturing, told “It is built very heavily and is made for farmers who process a lot of bales. (The Ravage) can tolerate bales that are frozen or rotten.”

This bale processor can spread evenly up to 50 feet, and some customers have reported time savings of up to 50 per cent, Barnabe said.

One notable feature of the Ravage is its directional chute, which allows for better discharge control when spreading or bunking.

“The chute opens the mouth on the bottom of the unit,” Barnabe said. “If you’re just spreading, maybe you have the chute wide open to have the hay lay out as cleanly as possible. But if you want to do feeding or bunking, you can point the chute down and spread the hay into a pile.”

Other equipment specs include its live floor, which allows the operator to fully control processing speed for even shredding.

The Ravage also has adjustable aggression bars, providing operators with flexibility on how quickly bales are processed.

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