Live Cattle Commodity Update for the Week Ending Apr 05, 2019

The price of live cattle as of Friday was 120.35 and last Friday it was at 119, meaning the price of live cattle increased by 1.1% in one week.

Apr 04, 2019 saw live cattle see its highest performance at 121.575.

Between Mar 05, 2019 and Apr 05, 2019 the price of live cattle rose by 0.4%. At this time last month, prices for live cattle were at 119.85 and have now jumped to 120.35.

Live cattle has also seen an improvement from last year. At this time in 2018, the price was at 108.675. The change in prices from a year ago represents an increase of 10.7%.

Live cattle's best performance came on Oct 02, 2018 when it was at 117.45.

The total volume for the week of Apr 01, 2019 saw live cattle’s total volume at 136245. Live cattle’s best day of the week came on Apr 04, 2019 when it was at 33515.

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