Soybeans Commodity Update for the Week Ending Aug 04, 2017

Soybean prices ended the week of Jul 31, 2017 by falling 5.6% to 956.75. Friday’s price represents a 5.6% dip from last week.

Soybeans has its worst day on Aug 04, 2017 as the price sat at 956.75.

Soybean performance over the last month has taken a hit, dropping by 2.4%. Since Jul 03, 2017, soybeans have dropped from 980.75 to 956.75.

On Mar 01, 2016, soybean futures had their worst performance, seeing a price of 872.25.

For the week of Jul 31, 2017, the total volume of soybeans was 662829. Its poorest performance happened on Aug 04, 2017 when it was at 96405.

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