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Aerial Sprays

Developed by: United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
Countries: Canada,US
The Aerial Sprays app is developed by The Aerial Application Technology team, which is a research group within the United States Department...

Ag PhD Modes of Action

Developed by: Ag PhD
Countries: Canada,US
Use the Ag PhD app to search for insecticides, herbicides, fungicides. The app contains helpful information on pesticide management and applications. View...

Apache on the Go

Developed by: Apache 360 Tour
Countries: Canada,US
The Apache on the Go app allows users to get up-close views of Apache Sprayer models, including virtual 360 walk arounds, photos,...

AppliMax V2 Spray Boom Remote

Developed by: Objectified Software Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
The AppliMax V2 Spray Boom Remote app allows you to manage all spraying done through a remote control while you remain outside...


Developed by: Objectified Software Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
The AppliPad app is used on your tablet for the application of liquids and sprays. There are several other apps related to...

Beyond Agronomy Air Cart Maximizer

Developed by: Beyond Agronomy
Countries: Canada,US
The Beyond Agronomy Air Cart Maximizer application specializes in quickly calculating the maximum number of acres per fill based on the size...

Calibrate My Sprayer

Developed by: Clemson University
Countries: Canada,US
The Calibrate My Sprayer application was designed specifically to assist with the proper calibration of spraying equipment. Just select the grade of...

Corn N Rate Calculator

Developed by: University of Wisconsin Nutrient and Pest Management Program
Countries: Canada,US
This app is designed to assist producers in selecting a nitrogen (N) rate that improves profitability when nitrogen and corn prices fluctuate.

Crop Data Tracker

Developed by: DNS Recordkeeping Solutions
Countries: Canada,US
The Crop Data Tracker app designed by DNS Recordkeeping Solutions is for recording the application of pesticides. The app meets the recordkeeping...


Developed by: Dragonfly IT Inc
Countries: Canada
Croptracker is a record keeping and operation management software application for growers, packers and shippers of fresh produce. It helps growers manage...
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