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Ruby 360 Integrated Agricultural Solutions
Ruby 360 Integrated Agricultural Solutions reporter Rachel Gingell met recently with the president of Ruby 360, Barry Ruby, to talk about three innovative products to boost efficiency for poultry, swine, and dairy farmers.
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Agrimatics Libra Cart
Agrimatics Libra Cart
Libra Cart is a mobile app used to keep track of grain weights digitally. The system includes an electronic box that connects with the weighing sensors found on most grain carts. The weigh data is sent to the mobile app where farmers can view and manage their grain cart data.
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Engineers Develop ‘Bury-and-Forget’ Sensors, Data Networks for Better Soil, Water Quality
The images show harmful algae blooms that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says can create toxins, endanger human health, kill fish and wildlife, rob water of oxygen and otherwise create environmental trouble.
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Alleviating data fatigue with automation
“Yield data is the Y axis of everything we’re trying to address: P, K, S, N, and Micros,” Dunhin explained, “We have to be able to discover the yield driver of every field by correlating yield with soil attributes”
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Friesen Built
Friesen Built
Friesen Built offers excellent furnace quality, selection, service, and prices. All furnaces are CSA approved, come with a 5 or 10 year limited warranty, and can be adapted to any home or building. Furnaces are offered factory direct to save you thousands of dollars.
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Royal Distributing
Royal Distributing
For over 25 years, Royal Distributing have been well established in the Canadian powersports industry. Providing you with quality brand name products to keep you riding whether it be a snowmobile, ATV, UTV, motorcycle, motocross, bicycles or marine and watersports.
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Horst Welding
HLA Snow - SnowWing
Horst Welding
The SnowWing's design allows you to change from a traditional box blade to a straight blade. Get closer to buildings and parking stones without risking damage. Then rotate the endplates into a reverse box blade and drag the snow away for full clearing in the tightest of spaces.
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Britespan Building Systems Inc
Goat & Sheep Barns
Britespan Building Systems Inc
Improve the health of your goats and sheep with a naturally bright and ventilated barn from Britespan. Wide open interiors easily accommodate pens, milking systems, and feed alleys. Add a variety of door styles, curtain and chimneys.
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