December 15, 2002

Joe Dales
(877) 438-5729

 INNOVATIVE RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES LAUNCHED. Ltd., a leading information and marketing company that provides innovative solutions to the North American Agriculture and Food industry, through member company, M&F Trading Hedge Services is now offering a complete range of Price Protection Services to Producers in the Hog Industry.

M&F Hedge Services provides assistance with Price Protection Plans and Contracts that help Producers in:

  • Placing “Minimum Price Floors” under their Feeder Pig and Early Wean sales
  • Placing “Maximum Price Caps” over Feeder Pig and early Wean purchases 

  • Working with Producers towards placing “Minimum Price Floors” under Market Hog Sales. 

M&F Trading Hedge Services draws on its very considerable experience and knowledge assets in the pork industry to develop these disciplined and simple to understand products that are one more alternative that can help our very valued clients to protect themselves from the worst profit eroding effects of severe price crashes or increases. While protecting the worst financial impacts of price risk these products also allow you to sell or buy from the “cash” market where you still have the opportunity to enjoy favorable price movements.

Introduction to M&F Trading

M&F Trading is the trading division of M&F is a leader in the Feeder Pig, Market Hog and Cull and Sow Trading businesses. We are also very active in developing innovative tools that offer price protection to clients in the Swine, Beef and Feed Grain sector. For further information e-mail or, call 1-877-438-5729 or fax 1-519-438-3152.

" has always been proud of our record of bringing innovative new products and services to our agriculture and food customers. Our customers have asked us to help them manage their market price risk so we have developed some new products and services that can help them access our expertise." said Doug Maus, President of Ltd. Ltd. ( is a leading marketing and information company with a family of operations that provide innovative solutions to the agriculture and food industry. can be accessed through their leading agriculture information portal, which has business services and resources for agribusiness, livestock and crop producers. PigCHAMP, Inc. ( is the leading swine industry software and knowledge management company. The PigCHAMP suite of products includes DOS, Windows and web-based solutions that service the needs of pork producers and industry. The livestock business offers marketing services, through its subsidiary, M&F Trading, which include cash trading of swine, commodity risk management consulting and auction technology services. The AgCareers Employment site is the world’s leading online job and recruitment service for the agriculture industry. The company operates across North America with offices located in Ames, Iowa and London, Ontario.

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Joe Dales
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