August 26, 2003

Plano Texas August 26, 2003 - Ltd., leading information and marketing company providing innovative solutions to the North American agriculture and food industry, was involved in an exciting internet cattle auction which led to impressive business results! Producers Video Auction (PVA) and just completed a record-breaking cattle online sale. Doug Maus- President of Ltd. states, “Adoption of Internet tools in agriculture continues on a rapid and steady pace - it is amazing how the size of the sales have increased, online auctions are no longer a wild new concept.”

PVA an innovative user of cattle auction technology has found it’s an easy and convenient way to conduct cattle sales. “This is a perfect method for more sellers and buyers to connect in an online auction format. It provides them with an effective way to sell cattle without having to transport them to an auction location; there is less risk of disease, and decreases transportation costs”, states Jim Austin, President of Producers Video Auction.

For example, a PVA/ record online cattle sale took place on June 19, 2003 with the following results: Total gross sales were $4,414,896.50 on a total of 8,919 head sold. As of August 2003, $15,976,437 sales have been completed in eleven auctions, with continued success and growth PVA is well on its way to topping the 2002 online sales, which were $20,000,000.

The cattle auctions are held bi-monthly, buyers and sellers must register ahead of time but visitors can just go to the website and watch the auction. PVA has been holding their auctions on the website since 1999 and the success of the auctions has developed significantly each year. These auctions are great example of how agriculture continues to adopt innovative new technology to improve.

For more information on Internet Cattle auctions, please visit: or the portal; which provides the auction technology and service leader in online e-commerce since 1995.

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