March 3rd, 2003

Corporate Contact: 
Dr. David Farnum DVM
PigCHAMP, Inc.

PigCHAMP Introduces Handheld Instant Data System™ (IDS).

Ames, Iowa – March 3, 2003. PigCHAMP, Inc. the leading swine industry knowledge management company has introduced an innovative handheld production data collection system for pork producers. The handheld IDS™ is a combination of a very rugged PSION Workabout™ computer and a powerful PigCHAMP software program. Pork production workers can now record data in the barns and download the information right away into their computer system.
“The PigCHAMP handheld IDS™ is the way to go for data collection,” says Jayne Jackson, PigCHAMP Product Specialist. “We have the system in use on a number of farms and the producers tell us that it saves time by eliminating the second manual data entry into the computer, this also results in quicker turnaround time of vital production management information. Producers also notice that it improves data quality, because the Handheld IDS validates the entries and reduces errors. The PSION Workabout™, is a rugged industrial handheld computer that works well in real world pork barn conditions and with the savings it generates, shows a quick payback and great return on investment.”

We are excited about the future potential of new products and services like the handheld IDS™,” says Dr. David Farnum, General Manager of PigCHAMP, Inc. “Systems like this are going to play an important part in helping the pork producer manage the information and knowledge required to address issues like food safety, traceability and value adding identity preservation programs.

For more information, call PigCHAMP, Inc. at 866-774-4242 or go online to and click on the handheld IDS™ logo to access the information.

For more information, contact:

Jayne Jackson
PigCHAMP Product Specialist
PigCHAMP, Inc.