February 11, 2004

eHARVEST Food Systems Launched.

Ames, Iowa. eHARVEST Food Systems was officially launched today and has been established to provide state of the art services to the food industry.
This business is part of Ltd., a leading marketing and information company with several well know operations in the agriculture and food industry. The company has offices in Ames, Iowa, Clinton, North Carolina and London, Ontario Canada.

“eHARVEST is uniquely positioned to work directly with packers, processors and the retail food trade to the consumer. We have developed a targeted and extensive framework of food safety guidelines that allow for traceability back to the farm of origin, animal welfare assurances and third-party certification. We are implementing the most advanced technology here at eHARVEST, guaranteeing expediency and accuracy. Whether you use visual identification and legacy systems or radio frequency identification (RFID) and web-based technology, eHARVEST is an integral part of your food safety assurance program. Bottom line, eHARVEST provides security and confidence along every point of the food chain with a comprehensive, integrated system of protection and reliability, says Dr. David Farnum DVM, President of eHARVEST.

The new ( website was officially launched and contains more information on food safety and traceability initiatives being directed by the company.

For more information, contact:

Dr. David Farnum DVM