March 1, 2004

Joe Dales Ltd.
(877) 438-5729 makes a strategic investment in EDPRO Energy and will support the sales and marketing growth into the agriculture energy marketplace. Ltd., a leading information and marketing company that provides innovative solutions to the North American Agriculture and Food industry announced today that the company has made an equity investment into EDPRO Energy, a leading energy solutions provider.
" is continuing to follow a strategic plan that broadens out our product offer and leverages the core strengths of our organization,” says Joe Dales, Senior Vice President. “Energy is a major input in every one of our customer’s farming operations and becoming more relevant with the growth in alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel, we felt with a great partner like EDPRO Energy we could create increased value for our customers and participate in this industry.

EDPRO Energy is a leading energy solutions provider, more information can be found on the website at Ltd. ( is a leading marketing and information company with a family of operations that provide innovative solutions to the agriculture and food industry. can be accessed through their leading agriculture information portal, which has business services and resources for agribusiness, livestock and crop producers. PigCHAMP, Inc. ( is the leading swine industry software and knowledge management company. The livestock business offers marketing services, through its subsidiary, M&F Trading, which include cash trading of swine and commodity risk management consulting services. The company operates across North America with offices located in Ames, Iowa, Clinton, North Carolina and London, Ontario Canada.

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Joe Dales
Senior Vice President Ltd.