June 18, 2004

JoAnn Alumbaugh
(641) 744-2114

PigCHAMP 6.0 Previewed at World Pork Expo

Des Moines, IA - Hundreds of pork producers who attended the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, June 10-12 signed up to preview PigCHAMP 6.0, the next generation of pork production software. This program is the most advanced and comprehensive version ever to be offered to pork producers, and it’s coming from PigCHAMP, the company easily recognized as the leader in the field of pork management information systems. 

“PigCHAMP has invested heavily to bring the latest technology to the farm in an easy-to-use format,” says Todd Brekke, 6.0 Project Manager. “ We are excited about the early interest in this product, and we believe it will help producers lower their production costs and improve profitability by providing the necessary information to make proactive change.”

Major features include breeding herd reports and database applications. Users will be able to make customizable breeding herd reports with the information they choose. They will also have the capability to analyze cause and effect in a number of areas within the program through the use of database applications.

In addition, the program is compatible with the National Animal Identification System. This will be an important benefit to producers as traceability continues to be an important issue within the livestock industry.

Management tools for grow-finish production, business, feed and medication, and manure management are an integral part of PigCHAMP 6.0.

“We are planning to launch the product this fall, but wanted to give our customers a glimpse of the future,” says Jack Tichy, PigCHAMP General Manager. “As we witnessed at the World Pork Expo, we are confident the users of PigCHAMP 6.0 will be impressed with this product and how it can help them increase productivity and efficiency.”

PigCHAMP 6.0 is in the final stages of development and testing and will be available to users this fall.

More information is available on the PigCHAMP Web site: